Is Get Rid of Herpes a SCAM?

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Get Rid of Herpes Revew

Get Rid of Herpes Review

Admittedly, user opinions of various products vary, which is understandable. However, some reviews are too subjective to be trusted while others are pure hype.

If you’re reading this, chances are you want to discover whether the ‘Get Rid of Herpes’ system works or is just a scam. Thankfully, this is an honest and objective critique of the product and once you’re done reading it, you’ll be in a firm position to make an informed decision.

What It Is

The Get Rid of Herpes program is an all-natural solution to total eradication of herpes regardless of the type. It’s alarming how many people are silently suffering from herpes and feel embarrassed to discuss their situation even with medical doctors. Often times, people are told that once you have the herpes simplex virus, you have to live with it for the rest of your life. In fact, people suffering from this terrible condition are usually told that they may never have sex again. This is pretty depressing giving the importance of sex in a relationship.

What is Herpes?

Herpes is a group of viral infections caused by strains of the herpes virus. Herpes mainly manifests on the skin but can also attack the nervous system. Herpes is a very contagious infection that spreads through physical contact with an infected person.

Besides humans, herpes is very prevalent in animals as well, affecting cattle, chicken, and cats, among others. However, the virus strains that affect animals are different from those that affect humans, except for the simiae herpes virus.

Herpes in humans presents as chicken pox, cold sores, genital herpes, shingles, herpes whitlow, glandular fever, B-virus infection, roseola, and cytomegalovirus infections. Herpes has been around for years since the time of ancient Greece through to the times of modern medicine.

Anyone that has been afflicted by this horrible disease knows how painful and debilitating an outbreak can be. Worse, most conventional treatments do not permanently treat the disease. More often than not, previous sufferers of herpes get a recurrence of the disease and have to be put on a new antiviral .

Get Rid of Herpes RevewGet Rid of Herpes Program

The Get Rid of Herpes Program promises to cure herpes for good. The author claims that when a herpes sufferer uses the treatment guidelines given in the book, they will never have any more out breaks. Still according to its own claims, the Get Rid of Herpes Program is the easiest way to eliminate the herpes simplex virus. It is completely free of drugs and has helped a lot of people overcome this disease.

Specific Contents

The Get Rid of Herpes Program is one of the most comprehensive natural remedies for herpes that you can get out there. Moreover, there are no lengthy explanations and complicated terms. All the information is packed into a 46-page eBook guide.

You will be surprised to learn that herpes is not really a complicated infection as we’re usually made to believe.

The guide starts off with an introductory page about the author, Sarah Wilcox, who was a victim of this terrible disease. After trying several anti-viral drugs in vain, she decided to seek alternatives, and natural remedies seemed like the most viable option.

After introducing herself, she proceeds to another brief preface that gives a general overview of the disease and a few startling statistics, followed by a brief history of herpes.

The real business starts with the next section on page 9 of the guide. The author discusses the different types of herpes from the human herpes virus 1 up to the human virus 8 as well as genital herpes. It’s not surprising that the majority of herpes sufferers do not know what type of herpes because medical doctors normally don’t release these details to their patients. But when you purchase this guide, you’ll have all this insightful information right in front of you.

The next section is a description of what herpes looks like and this is extremely important because a lot of people mistake other conditions for herpes, and vice versa.

One of the most prevalent forms of herpes – genital herpes – is given a full page detailing its symptoms.

The author also includes some brief diet advice for individuals with the herpes simplex virus. There’s a ton of valuable tips that are all aimed at containing the virus and eliminating it once and for all. This information is truly a treasure, and that explains why it is carefully guarded because, according to the author, certain pharmaceutical companies that manufacture anti-viral medication don’t want you to get hold of it.

The guide is crowned with advice for topical medication of herpes.

Get Rid of Herpes Revew

Pros and Cons

The Pros:

1. The instructions are simple to follow. There’s nothing in the book that will cause you to take ages to comprehend. The instructions are laid out in a very simple, understandable manner and are really easy to trail.

2. Can cure 4 types of the viral attack. Oral Herpes, Genital Herpes, HSV 1 and HSV 2 will be defeated by the end of this process, so the program isn’t just designed for one particular form of the disease.

3. No side effects. The entire procedures in the book are completely natural (ZERO DRUGS INCLUDED) and cause no side effects unlike those that you expose yourself to by the use of anti-virals.

4. This a GOOD-BYE to herpes.Get Rid Of Herpes isn’t a temporary cure to herpes, you will never find those blisters, the itching, the irritation or any kind of symptom ever again. Once you dedicate yourself to this program, it promises to stick around and shield you permanently from the virus.

5. Affordable. Compared to all the expensive anti-virals and other drugs or creams or pills or whatsoever you might have tried out, Get Rid Of Herpes is far more affordable and efficient.

6. The disease is explained in detail so you will never fall prey to any fad.Wilcox explains in detail the pathophysiology of the disease, it’s causes, how to and how not to cure it. The factors that aggravate herpes further are clearly described so all users get a clear picture of the measures to be taken. All this education leaves no room for fads.

The Cons:

1. Not for those who hate reading. Although the book is authored in the simplest of languages, some of you might just not have the time for this. But once you take time out and give it a shot, you will NOT regret reading Get Rid Of Herpes.

2. Some of you might not be comfortable with the use of ancient remedies. As the majority believes in chemical cures and other drugs, ancient remedies might just set off rad flags. However, remedies are not all that bad, infact; most drugs that you consume today contain extracts from herbs and are formulated based on other ancient techniques.

3. Supplements required. A prescribed amount of supplements are required to boost up the healing process and during maintenance periods. This might cause a string of reluctant reactions, because I just said that this was a cheap approach under the pros section. When you calculate expenditure on regular visits to a doctor, along with the medications that are prescribed, you’ll get why I just “seemed” to have contradicted myself.

What The Statistics And User Reviews Say

Now that you’ve read what the claims say, it’s also important to know how users rate this guide.

And it’s really not surprising that the guide has an approval rating of more than 98 percent. This means that the majority of users who purchased the guide and applied the advice achieved success. Only a small fraction of users weren’t entirely content.

And then of course, another important statistic is sales – or how well the product was received. Unless a product is of high quality, it cannot sell well. So owing to the impressive sales figures for this product – a ranking of 77.5 – it’s safe to conclude that this product is firmly on the way to top seller status, although it’s worth stressing that it is not there yet.


Overall, the Get Rid of Herpes Program is worth a try. One thing that is immediately noticeable when you acquire the eBook guide is its simplicity and brief nature. This is one area where Sarah Wilcox deserves huge credit. Typically, when someone is searching for a solution such as one that eradicates a disease, they don’t want to read paragraphs of information before they get to the real deal.

The points in this guide are brief yet informative. You may even be done with the entire guide literally within hours.

This is a must have guide for anyone who is grappling with herpes and those that have ever suffered for the disease because you never know when a new outbreak may strike.

Get Rid of Herpes Revew

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